Video Slots Online: Dig Out All!

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Play Video Slots Online: Dig Out All!

Are you fond of the online casino and cannot fancy your life with no real money gambling sites? Did you try many sites to play, say, poker and couldn’t find what exactly suits you? No longer! would assist you in choise of the fabulous video slots.

Essentials Of Video Slots

Video slots free and real money games possess a plenty features, as Google Scholar researches tend to emphasize. As a rule, regarding their appearance, they are characterized by:

  • Reels: the reels are vertical elements making up the slot machine on which the ’symbols’ are attached. The number of rollers generally varies between 3 and 5
  • Rows: Rows (usually 3 in number) are the number of symbols that appear on the screen of the slot machine on a reel
  • Lines: the lines represent the different betting possibilities. Some free video slots with bonus games can have more than 100 paylines.

Note that some machines do not have a standard number of reels and rows, such as Bruce Lee slot. But these slot machines are rare.

Let’s continue on the specifics of real money and free online video slots games!

Play free video slots online

Bet On Video Slots!

When you credit a slot machine (e.g. 100 €), your deposit amount gives you a certain number of ‘coins’, depending on a rate you choose (Coin Value). If you decide to choose coins worth $0.10, then you will have a credit of 1000 coins. If you use a value of $1 per coin, then you will have 100 coins.

Once the value of your coins has been determined, you can bet. For the most complete slots with different paylines, you have to choose how many lines you want to bet on (we recommend that you bet on the maximum number of lines). Say, you bet on all 25 lines of a slot machine.

You can then choose to bet a higher amount on each of these lines (bet per line / bet per line). Usually this amount ranges from 1 to 5.

Thus, if you choose a bet per line of 5 and you bet on 25 lines, your total bet will represent 25 * 5 or 125 credits. You understand? A little practice and it will quickly become a formality for you!

Different Features Offered On Video Slots

There are diverse features to successfully play video slots for free and for cash. Let’s take a look at what they are like.

  • Free Spins (with or without multiplier): if a multiplier (of winnings) is offered with the free spin, it generally varies between 2 and 3. Some multipliers can reach up to 10
  • Re-Spins: often repaying to re-raise one or more reels in an attempt to find new lines. Sometimes these re-spins are absolutely free (in this case, automatic and released thanks to another symbol present). More rarely these re-spins are re-started on one of the reels if no winnings have been made during the spin
  • Wild and Expanding Wild: the wild is a ’symbol,’ which plays the role of joker. Sometimes, on some machines, ’random wild’ appear at random on a given spin
  • Scatter: symbol that generally releases Free Spins from 3 symbols (in other, somewhat rarer cases, winnings). 2 scatters release winnings (equivalent to the spin bet) most of the time.

Also, you should keep in mind some more features concerning the free video slots for fun only or for winning grate money ever! These are:

  • Mini Games (often accessible from the new online casinos): There are thousands of different ones. From the simple click & win to the more elaborate mini-game and not just linked to luck. Some machines offer several mini-games.
  • Jackpots: Some video slots offer jackpots, progressive or not. There are also games with mini-jackpots, medium-jackpots and maxi-jackpots (which vary according to the player’s stake, generally including the live casinos)
  • Click Me: When the required number of symbols falls, you have a choice between several Click Me which bring immediate wins.
  • 3D Animations: Some video slot machines offer 3D animations in the reels or out of the reels (for instance, foreground characters).
  • Autoplay/Autospin mode: this mode allows you to bet automatically (the slot machine plays ’on its own’ a certain number of lines that you configure).


  • Double Up: Possibility of making a double up after a winning spin. Sometimes you can do as many Double Ups as you want for a single spin or ten Double Ups, which is the same thing.

Video Slots Game Thematics Diversity

When you’ve tried the free no-download slots, the classic free slot machine (with its bell and bar symbol) and the free slot casino games, step up to the plate and play for real. Indeed, these games will net you, by definition, much more if you play with your own bankroll.

Be careful not to get carried away when you gamble your money, always control your budget no matter what. This is the only way to be sure that you win sacks of prizes and come back later for more.

Of course, if you are playing these slots just to pass the time, forget to play for real, or find out what it entails before letting go of the free slot machine to enter the deep end of lucrative games. Learn about measures that can win you big, like the autoplay feature, which lets you play semi-automatically.

Also, be aware that you have the option of trying other free casino games, so branch out from the free slot machine and grab all the info you can. Practice and try to make your passion for gambling your professional life.

Indeed, table games or video poker also promise you many gains on the condition of knowing how to play. You may even be lucky enough to receive a bonus for playing for real on live casino games from live dealers, but before enjoying it, please remember to read the legal notices and not put all your eggs in one basket, diversify your chances.

Gaming Software For Video Slots

As you may understand, when it comes to the video format, the real money and/or free video slots no download need!

As in a no download casino, you will be able to enjoy to play real money or free video slots in video version! So, you won’t need to download any software to enjoy our free no-download mini casino!

But playing at the casino is especially exciting in real money mode, so we recommend that you use our no download video slots casino games to train yourself to rack up maximum payouts at online casinos!

You can even enjoy our free video slot machine games on your mobile! Practice: you just need to bring your smartphone to chain free spins galore and try to win many wins. So, if you are used to playing at a mobile casino, don’t change your good habits and enjoy our online slot games for free!

Rapid advancements in technology make the experience of free slot games even more exciting. This is because when you choose to test the reels of a free slot machine game, you are playing in real conditions, with the only difference being that you will have a fictitious bankroll.

It means that any wins or losses you experience on your free slot machine will have no impact on your actual bankroll.

Go play video slots games thanks to the exceptional graphics and high quality 3D animations while having the opportunity to win money is now possible! Welcome to the world of casino games and free money and fun with the free slots in the video format!


In fact, it’d be quite complicated to work out one common and unique strategy to win the video slots games. Nevertheless, it is possible to do so by practicing the games and mastering your skills. Besides, by reading the pages, you’ll definitely evolve your own strategy!

To play for free and practice video slots, it’s possible here! We put at your disposal more than 20 versions of free video poker from the best publishers.

Absolutely ! Our guide exclusively offers games accessible directly on your browser in Flash or HTML5, which does not require a download or registration to play!

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