Problem Gambling

Problem gambling is one of the aspects to be treated additionally to carry on having pleasure out of the process instead of obtaining an addiction to suffer from. This is, indeed, one of the reasons why each of the online casinos (and the reviewer websites) should inform the potential gamblers about possible issues they may come across.

Gambling addiction is a type of psychological dependence consisting in the need for gambling against the background of a loss of interest in social, material and family values. Common disorders include casino games both online and offline.

The signs of gambling addiction can be diverse and not limited to the list below:

Hence, you can notice that every time when you start in gambling online or offline you should be careful not to harm yourself.

Susceptibility To Problem Gambling

In compliance with the 2016 study based on the gambling addiction and problem gambling, Gambling and Problem Gambling in the United States: Changes Between 1999 and 2013, by Welte et al., the gambling problems turned out to be more severe than by the beginning of the 21st century. The authors point out to the fact that with the growth of the population (by 34%) since 2000 and by the evolution of the mobile devices, the gambling problems are currently more acute than before.

The same study also tends to prove that the male population is much more vulnerable to the problem of gambling addiction. Herein, the reasons can be quite diverse, and the most prominent one is that these are the males who gamble twice more than females.

Bearing in mind that women tend to gamble 5,6% less than men (with the index of 82,4% for men and 76,5% for women), the gambling issues arise more frequently in men. The chart below would serve as a perfect example to illustrate the correlation of the problem gambling within the two genders in the USA.


As a result, it is evident that every time when starting in gambling, one should be aware of the possible consequences. From our part, we’re here to ensure the most effective ways on how to omit any gambling problems and, in case if you have some, how to overcome them.

Carry on reading the page and you will be informed on the possible ways to gamble successfully, fairly, and safely!

Gambling Addiction Stages

Gambling as a disease manifests itself in three successive stages.

If you have at least one of the symptoms depicted above, do not waste time and address the special doctors or centers to get the help.

The treatment of gambling in adults is complicated by the fact that most patients do not agree with their psychological dependence. At the initial stage, it is important that the gamer realizes that his addiction to gambling is painful. Among the effective treatments for gambling addiction:

How to treat gambling in each individual patient, the doctor decides based on the results of the examination, the dominant symptoms. But even after completing the full course of treatment for addiction, a person can start playing again, especially if he maintains relations with players. If you have a strong desire to play, it is recommended that you immediately visit a therapist to prevent a return to addiction.

Organizations Dealing With Problem Gambling

To mitigate the problem gambling to the most possible extent, one can truly need some professional assistance. In the USA, there is a wide diversity of the councils and associations managing the issues related to the problem gambling. So, take a look at the most popular ones right in the text below.

National Council on Problem Gambling

The National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) is one of the pioneers in dealing with the gambling-related addiction, and it has a plenty of the programs to assist the gamblers in the USA, including:

NCPG is not only a psychological assistance provider but also an actor dealing with the juridical aspects of gambling to protect the US gamblers.

Other Problem Gambling Organizations

According to American Addiction Centers, there are different types of obtaining assistance to struggle against the gambling addiction, including:

Literally, each of the methods is effective to a particular extent, and thus, there is a need to pick the most suitable one. To do so, one can easily attend the special associations and organizations to obtain the professional assistance.

The table below contains the names of the organizations and the state wherein they’re located. It’ll assist you navigate the list and pick up the best suiting one.

Association/Organization Title Location
Stop Predatory Gambling Foundation Washington, DC
Nevada Council on Problem Gambling Inc Las Vegas, NV
International Problem Gambling Center Las Vegas, NV
Iowa Council On Problem Gambling Burlington, IA
Life Treatment Centers Inc South Bend, IN
VA Council On Problem Gambling Richmond, VA
Indiana Council On Compulsive Gambling Inc Fort Wayne, IN
End Problem Gambling Sisters, OR
Minnesota Council On Addictions Duluth, MN

So, it is obvious that in case you have any troubles related to problem gambling in the USA, you can easily obtain the most qualified assistance. Don’t be ashamed or afraid of doing that: your future is always in your hands!

Stay Tuned!

In case if you notice any of the symptoms we communicated in the text, you should immediately call for help. You can do it locally (by accessing any of the sites we have pointed out) or go visit the special web-based sources. We’re sure you’ll have success in overcoming the problem.

As for us, you can also direct some of the issues you have to us to discuss. Mitigation of problem gambling is not that easy as one can think.

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